Interlude 2 – photo shoot experience

07 May

So last week, I decided to take my niece for a photo shoot (I think that’s the fancy way of saying it although in this case, there wasn’t any fancy dressing room, assistant, makeup and all the other fancy things you think of when one says photo shoot). My niece, booboo (that’s what I call her), is just about 8 months old and after some headache, her hair has finally started growing out. You see I have always wanted a niece and daughter (hopefully I will have the latter in the near future) because I think girl babies are so adorable (I think all babies are adorable but am a little partial to girl babies especially the chubby ones). So my niece’s hair just started making some progress (thank God) and I decided that she should have some new pictures to mark the occasion and yes, erase all the horrible ones she took without any hair (**laughing really hard** I will be in big trouble when my sister reads this).

This was my first time of taking a baby for a photo shoot but as am such you can imagine it is quite some work (getting them to look at the camera and smile, trying to keep them from running towards you and crying **sighs**, really hard work); luckily, I was aware beforehand, hence, tried to prepare myself. First, about an hour before the time to go, I fed her coca cola. I figured that since coke has caffeine, it could get her hyperactive for the shoot (**smiles**). So, I gave her coke, rather early because I also thought it would need some time to take effect.

Picture time, she is dressed up, positioned properly and we are set to go, so here we are trying to get my supposed hyperactive baby to smile, she just turns and looks at the camera with a blank face. There is nothing hyperactive about the baby in front of me, scratch that, there is nothing active (happy, laughing and jumping) about her at all; maybe intrigued but definitely not active. So we start rolling the pictures anyways, changing her position and all; she just looks at the camera – blank face, stubborn cheeks and mouth – half an hour long, not minding all the monkey dances and horrible singing; and not even a slight bit of expected reaction to the coke. Anyways, we just took what we got (at least, she did look at the camera). Happy to say, we did get some beautiful pictures (model like; high fashion, not commercial model **winks**).

An interesting and tiring process; she is asleep by the time we get home and yes, lessons learned for me: babies definitely have their own mind, especially the ones who show potentially same character traits as moi!!!!! Lesson two, coke doesn’t always work on babes. 

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One response to “Interlude 2 – photo shoot experience

  1. lunartsd

    May 9, 2013 at 5:11 pm

    This post is particularly hilarious! Right out of a situation comedy show!

    Aren’t babies amazing? I don’t know much about handling babies, but I do know that they have minds of their own, and can be really unpredictable.

    Maybe next time you should try having the photo-shoot at home, where she’d be more comfortable with the environment. How many times have you commented on how quiet a baby seems, only to have their parents shout: “Ha! This one?!! Just wait till she/he gets home!”
    If it’s difficult to get a photographer to come down, then just borrow a good dslr camera, turn on all the lights and start shooting yourself, you’d be surprised with the results.

    By the way, caffeine isn’t good for children, especially not babies. Actually, it’s not really good for anyone, being a stimulant and all, but it’s worse for babies and small children. Fortunately, there’s only a small amount of it in Coke. But thank God you didn’t give her coffee!


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