18 Jun

 Hey Y’all! So I have to start by apologizing to everyone, who takes the time to read my post, for abandoning my blog (my mind and baby) for so long (Even super-moms need a break, just ask them, they may admit it).  I was away for a while and had terrible internet connection. I could hardly get into my blog, let alone, post anything.

Maybe, if I am truthful, I probably didn’t have anything coherent to write about, for a while. I have been having a difficult time processing my thoughts of late; too many conflicting opinions and emotions. But, I am back to good internet connection, so hopefully I can write something interesting and cogent.

I had  previously written two short stories about my daily experiences; I am going to start by posting them.  Fingers crossed, they keep you entertained. Baby steps…

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One response to “BREAK OVER!!!!!

  1. lunartsd

    June 18, 2013 at 7:12 pm

    Apology accepted, welcome back!


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