20 Jun

I never would have thought it was going to be another raining day. If I had, maybe I wouldn’t have left the house at all or just made a better plan.

I decided that I had to change my eating habit of about 80% carbs. This meant that I had to cook and for that to happen, I needed to go to the market for groceries. Maybe the fact that I wanted to cook should have been the first sign that this was going to be one of those days where the universe was going to take a piss at me (literally). Anyways, I get on my way to the market and almost immediately start complaining again about the scotching sun; at this point, in retrospect, I am sure this was where the universe made up its mind to have a laugh at me.

I am not much of a groceries shopping except it is a super-mart with aisles and directions. Unfortunately, this is the typical ‘Naija’ market; rowdy, crowded and stuffy. It takes plenty of time to find all the items I want; most of the time spent walking in circles. With just about two items to go, the sky starts darkening. I don’t even notice it; until someone asks what time it is and points out how dull the weather is for just 14:30. Oh my!! It is definitely getting set to rain and as expected I start hurrying along, stopping to pick my last items on my way out. Before I can make it out, the clouds gives way and starts pouring down. I tell myself, I am no salt and wouldn’t dissolve if I brave the rain. But almost immediately, as if the universe heard me, the rain angrily increases its pace; if you’ve ever been in Nigeria, you will understand what it means for it to rain heavily.

I decide it’s no use going under the rain, I can’t walk home; it’s way too far and no cabbie is going to pick a soaking wet girl in his cab, so I am left with no choice but to wait. At this point, I am really tired and getting so angry at people who kept splashing dirty water at me. Finally, it seems like the stars have finally aligned for me; after about 20 minutes, I get a cab that drops someone just next to where I am standing. Quickly I jump into the cab but before I can even suggest a hire, desperate people like me jump in too and on our way we go. But my joy is short-lived; the cabbie insists on playing really loud music and sings along, to make matters worse, it is in a language only he understands. He has just done me a huge favour so I can’t really complain. Again in retrospect,  it means this was the universe telling me it wasn’t done with me yet.

I soon realise that I have just stepped into gear two of my amazing day. The junction the cab stops at is still quite a distance to my final destination. I could walk on a normal day but this day is far from normal. Oh! I forgot to mention that I didn’t get an umbrella because I had middle sized groceries bag on both hands, plus a handbag as well. Second problem – How do I get from the junction the cab stops into the street where I live?

The cab finally drops me off and while I am glad to be saved from the resounding buzz in my ears as a result of the loud music, I am also now faced with the problem of walking down into my street. With little or no other option, I start walking under the rain. Just when I think I am resolved, I see a flowing pool of muddy water just at the entrance into the street. I look left and right and unfortunately,  there is no alternate route. I figure I am already wet and would get soaked to my pants before I get home, so why not? Plus I really don’t have any other option; so I put my feet into the very muddy, very dirty water and on my way I go. The water gets deeper at intervals, halfway to my knee; I am dripping water but have to keep stopping to give my hands a break. I make it closer and the rain subsides. Soon, I pass by a school and there is a lady waiting outside in the safety of a car; I assume she is there to pick up her kids. She yells to me ‘cover your chest’. Apparently, my top has dropped down some and is now showing part of my bra and some skin. But do I really care? I am soaking to my bones, my hands hurt, and my sandal is almost giving way from repeatedly walking in deep and dirty rain water; and for some reason this woman thinks I care about propriety??? Hell, No!!! I just give her a glare and move on my way. Thankfully, I am home in another few minutes; just then, the universe smiles and boom!!! The rain is over. 

No Kidding!!!!!!!!!

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One response to “DAMSEL IN DISTRESS

  1. cheezy

    June 20, 2013 at 1:09 pm

    what a day !!!!!


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