My Notes…

21 Jun

So it seems I am still having a difficult time writing anything. I think the literary term would be ‘Writer’s Block’, but I don’t think I am technically a writer.

For some reason, my mind is refusing to process anything just now. It may be compartmentalizing and sieving through (I told you it is complex). However, being the good sport I am, until my mind is ready, am just going to keep improvising to ensure the flag keeps flying.

So today, I’m going to post two of my favourite notes or poems (Whichever way you choose to categorize it). The first is titled ‘Fully Alive’ written by ‘Dawna Markova’; the words are motivating ; I recite them as often as possible as a form of declaration.

The second is written by me; I call it ‘Prayer of my Soul’, because the words were written from my heart; I constantly remind myself of them and try to absorb them in my every decision and day.

You will find both notes/poems  in my next two post. I really hope you like them and they mean something to you too


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