21 Jun

Lord Today I Pray:

For the wisdom to choose love over passion

To think with my head and love with my heart

To realise that I am created in a human form

And as such come with weakness

To let your strength be perfected in my weakness

To remember that I cannot see what my future holds

And as such let you help me live my present based on your knowledge of my future

I pray for the wisdom to choose right over norm

And the strength and maturity to live with the consequences of my choices.

To understand the simple arithmetic of one plus one equals two

And as such choose my ones carefully

For the ability to dream

And the boldness to act

To see strength in walking away

And the wisdom to know when to let go

To understand that hope and faith comes with prayer

And the ability to pray right

To remember that there is always room for more in life

But to be grateful for what I have

And never forget you are ultimate

To remember a beautiful life also lies in the joy of my family and friends

And as such, to pray for them with as much passion as I pray for myself

To define myself by your word

But to remember that my actions are all people may see

 To understand that though my life is mine to live

My decisions affect more people than I imagine

To say I love you while there is still time

Appreciate the moments I have

And never forget the loved ones I have lost.


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3 responses to “PRAYER OF MY SOUL

  1. Layo

    June 21, 2013 at 11:40 pm

    I like the way you “echo” my thoughts. Most especially the where you said ‘The ability to pray right’. Well done


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