28 Jun

Stuck in the mud’ was the name of a game I played as a child (as am sure many people did). Can’t really remember the rudiments of the game but I think it had something to do with planting your feet wide open on the ground. You weren’t allowed to move or run until someone crawled through/between your legs or touched you (Something like that, I think) In retrospect, it is interesting how much I enjoyed this as a child; oh well! The simple joy of childhood.

It’s remarkable how many childhood games comes into perspective in adulthood. Some people are very fortunate in their transition between childhood and adulthood. These individuals have found it rather easy to fall into the different stages of life (age and time wise). I guess you can refer to it as growing with time. They were children, when they should have been children, teenagers, when they should have been teenagers and adults, when they should be adults. In my opinion, these people are very fortunate. They have lived life in its stages, moved on with time and in the process, managed to excel at what I think is a simple and yet complex task of life –  a true paradox indeed.

However, for some others and for one reason or the other, the transition of life has never really been that straight forward. It feels like the 30 minutes childhood game of ‘struck in the mud’ has somehow jinxed their full existence. The problem isn’t really not knowing where you want to be at each given stage of life; it is more about not knowing how to get there or taking a few wrong steps, only to find out you are now farther away than you were and in the midst of all these, time has gotten away from you and is still moving regardless. All you really want to do is just run forward and ensure that when you pass on the baton, you are way ahead of time or at the less, caught up with it, but for some reason, you are just stuck in the mud. Everyone around you seems to be moving, whether it is in the direction they want or not, who knows? But they are moving nevertheless and from where you are standing, it does seem like the right direction.

Days like this, simplicity becomes important and perhaps, that’s part of the problem; they (maybe I really should be saying ‘we’ or ‘I’) complicate everything and every step; over rationalise things but I guess some people aren’t wired simple. We think too much, want too much, but do not necessarily know how to get that much. Or it could be, we didn’t start preparation early enough or were even too scared to ever attempt. We spent too much time trying to figure out what we wanted, changing our minds, going back and forth; and before we realised it, boom!! So much time had passed, we haven’t actually done anything or have taken too much for granted and we are still … stuck in the mud.

Maybe am just being theatrical (Like always), maybe we should just take what we get or play dirty like most people. Or maybe, we should just shut up and count our blessings (Which are numerous, I may add). Maybe we should just enjoy today because today is really all we have (at less in this life).

But today, just now, some people really yearn for so much more than they have

Just a mind rambling on…

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