Daily Archives: July 16, 2013

Interlude 3 – Yem’s Obsession

I haven’t written anything about my family’s next generation in a while, so I decided to do a short (Yes, I said short and I know how to do short) excerpt on my nephew, Yem, who unfortunately isn’t feeling too well at the moment.

Yem has this obsession with housekeeping (Its ridiculous). Actually, he has an obsession with almost everything like I said in my previous note (interlude 1), but this by far is the most ridiculous. Saying housekeeping is putting it nicely; the appropriate thing to say would be he has an obsession with brooms and dirt-packers. All you have to do is pick up a broom and automatically, he wants one; ever mind that he makes more mess than cleaning up, plus he gets in the way of you actually cleaning up. Never mind also, the brooms are all bigger than him. There really has to be something unhealthy about this and I am sure that’s why no one makes toy brooms and dirt-packers.

I just remember something rather funny; you know the way kids pick up your phone and make a pretend call on the phone; Yem does that too. The other day he picked up someone’s phone in the house and made a pretend call to his mum. Of all things, my adorable nephew could ask for; he chose a broom – ‘Mummy buy broom for me’ (hahahaha). I swear this is so weird and unhealthy.

What can I say; he is just two (Turned two this month), so he would probably outgrow it or become an asset to mum and wife in future; helping with housekeeping.