Interlude 4 – Learning to talk

08 Oct

If you have been following my posts on my family’s next generation, you will know of ‘Boo’ by now. If not, Boo is my one and only niece (At least, at the moment). She turned one in July and is at the stage where she is learning how to talk (It’s quite an interesting process). Her favourite words are ‘ge me’ meaning ‘give me’, ‘lea me’ meaning ‘leave me’, ‘Car-lea me’ meaning ‘carry me’ and the popular one, ‘No’. I am now becoming somewhat an expert in baby language *haha*

When Boo was born, being a baby growing up along side two toddler boys (very active ones), my sister came up with a idea to remind the boys, Yem and Di, to be careful with her. So she would say ‘Baby Nina is tender’ (Baby Nina is Boo). Soon it became a recitation in the house. When the boys are being their active, all-over-the-place selves, we (the grownups) would say ‘Baby Nina is …’ and they would respond ‘Tender’. It has been very useful in stopping them from hitting her over and thank God it has worked effectively.

Okay, so this is where it becomes hilarious, my niece, Boo or Baby Nina (Hopefully, we can drop the baby soon before it sticks and she is being called Baby Nina in her adulthood) has become very active as well, running about the place with the boys, forgetting that she is this tiny person and ‘tender’, like we so put it. The recitation has become part of the house, so much so that she has started reciting it herself *haha*. So you go ‘Baby Nina is …’ and before anyone else can respond, she goes herself, saying, ‘tender’ **hahahahaha**. It is so hilarious. I doubt that she actually realises that she is infact the baby Nina, who is supposedly tender, because she sure doesn’t act like it.

Oh! What joy children are (When they are not following you all over the place and constantly trying to destroy your stuff) *hahahahaha*


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2 responses to “Interlude 4 – Learning to talk

  1. ormainy

    October 8, 2013 at 10:07 am

    Partial.. Boo, boo, boo! It’s obvious she’s the honey in your honeycomb (does that work?)… LOL. Nice to hear children talk, it’s just the best thing.


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