11 Oct

I want to start by saying thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my posts thus far. A bigger thank you to those, who have taken additional time to comment; share their views and leave feedback (Whether solicited or unsolicited *hahaha*). The biggest gratitude to my esteemed followers who have clicked on the ‘follow me’ button, so they can get notice every time a new post comes up on JOCM ‘Journal of a Complex Mind’ (However, inconsistent they have become). I started off just wanting to express my thoughts but it feels good to know some people actually take the time to read my posts and comment. Y’all encourage and challenge my mind, so thank you.

While I am saying thank you, I would also like to restate my objective for this blog. Beyond just writing and discussing my thoughts, opinion and worldview, I really want to share and discuss ideas that I believe are rather universal and important. So while my posts are largely my own opinion and mostly drawn from my own experiences and life, the reasoning behind them is to point out issues, ideas, thought pattern that I believe are generic and engage in discussion that are much more than my life only. Take for instance, when I shared my loss and forgetting to remember, what I really hoped to achieve was to communicate the idea that I have come to believe it is okay to move on without feeling a sense of betrayal to your loved one. The primary objective is to hopefully reach out to someone who is experiencing soon sort of personal conflict in this regard and give them support. So behind every post on JOCM is an underlining thought (Sometimes clearly stated, other times, in between the line, but easy to see)

Basically, I am saying that I hope my posts communicate ideas that are bigger than my personal life and open or encourage conversations for such topics, ultimately, challenging and changing thought patterns.

So once again, a heartfelt thank you and I hope you continue this journey with me… God bless

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