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2013 is almost at its end! It never stops to amaze me how time flies and in truth, it waits for no one. 

The New Year – 2014 approaches and  soon (if not already) we would begin to make plans, resolutions and schedule events, projects and expectations, just like we did the other years before. There is something so fresh about a new year; it feels like a clean slate and presumably comes with a mystical force that enables us achieve things we just weren’t able to do the year(s) before. Unfortunately, in some cases, this propeller and excitement lasts for a couple of months before slowly fading away and we adjust to our normal routine again (It’s just an … interesting roller-coaster). But sadly, it also means we have unachieved plans and resolutions which we are reminded of again at the end of the year, when and if we take stock and plan for the following year again (just a beat!).

Nevertheless, before we start to make plans for the next year again  (2014 in this case), I believe that it is essential to take some time off and give thanks. Often I find it’s really hard to give thanks when one is hard pressed with challenges, seemly on every front. It feels like you are boxed in and things aren’t falling into place. But  I have also learnt two things when it gets like this:

First, for every one challenge you face, there are two more things to be thankful for.  Just because they are things we have come to take for granted, doesn’t mean that they are not gifts. After all, life itself is a gift.

Second, it may be a bit difficult at the moment but I believe that the very fact that I have life means that there is hope for a change and improvement. So I wouldn’t give up trying, hoping, praying and pushing until I get what I want or stop breathing.

In essence, it’s a period for thanksgiving. Stop, take a breath and count; one, two, three……….. That’s as much as you have to be grateful for.

Happy Thanksgiving Folks

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