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Part of the thought for this post came to me earlier yesterday evening. By later yesterday night, just before I fell asleep, I came across a story, purely by chance or fate (whichever), that was both very sad and mysterious. It is a true-life story from 2006 with a documentary done on it, in 2011. However, I hadn’t heard anything about it until last night. From the information I found, it was a widely spread and discussed story at the time of its occurrence and again, when the documentary was done (Not sure how I missed it).

This is the story of Joyce Carol Vincent, a young woman of 38, whose skeletal remains was found on 25th January, 2006, in her bedsit flat, in Wood Green housing estate, London. Now, this is where it gets really spooky; she had died three years earlier in 2003 but wasn’t found until that fateful day in 2006 when Council officials had gone to her flat to repossess it due to unpaid bills. There she was, very dead, lying on the sofa in front of television which was still on and tuned in to BBC1, along with a still functional heating and electricity. She was so decomposed that she could only be identified by her dental records. Apparently, she had died with no one knowing or looking for her for three long years (true but unbelievable)!!!!

A major story with British Media at the time in 2006

A major story with British Media at the time in 2006

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I recently had an experience that was both annoying and funny. About a week ago, my colleague and I went into an office to see a prospective client. It was one of those offices where you had to get through the secretary (we had previously met her and she seemed nice enough).

Before I continue, it is important that I describe how the three parties (the secretary, my colleague and I) were dressed (Not very good at descriptions, but will try my best). My colleague is a tall (about “5.8”) lady wearing a high heeled shoe and a knee-length, black dress. Her hair woven back with extensions  (What Nigerians call Ghana weaving) and her face in light make-up (Dare I say, appropriate for a work day).  I was wearing a long tailored trousers, a turtle-neck green top with short sleeves, black front-covered heeled shoe and light makeup as well. The secretary, on the other hand, is probably in her late 40’s or early 50’s, wearing a loose shirt and a black skirt (not too sure about the skirt), no make-up and has her hair, low cut (What my fellow Nigerians would term as the typical ‘Deeper Life’ look. *No criticism intended*). Read the rest of this entry »


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Déjà vu:  Psychology. ‘The experience of thinking that a new situation had occurred before’ – The Advanced English Dictionary

For as long as I can remember, this experience has been a part of me. I could be having a conversation with someone or in the process of doing something and have the weirdest feeling that it has happened before. Not just in bits and pieces but an entire process or conversation to the tiniest detail. The feeling of déjà vu so intense that I am certain I could not be making it up. It doesn’t happen always but frequently enough for me to take notice.

I remember when I was younger; I thought I had superpower abilities that hadn’t just been harnessed (Don’t I wish). I didn’t have the faintest idea that a word as ‘déjà vu’ existed. I told a friend about this and he introduced me to the word, déjà vu. I remember being so excited because if there was a word in the dictionary for this experience (at less, with a close enough definition), it meant (and still means) enough people experience this to make it real and it isn’t just some isolated experience without any bearing (Although unfortunately, it still doesn’t say that I/we are not crazy).

A couple of days ago, I had one of those experiences again (Can’t even remember what it was about; some insignificant episode I think). It suddenly occurred to me that although there was a word for this experience, I still have no explanation for it. How is it possible that I can experience a replica action like it has happened before, when I am in a fact, sure, it hasn’t; at less, not in my consciousness?

Any explanations???

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Thought it best to start with something fun. After been criticised, I am trying to keep my posts short (500 words and under). I don’t know how I can manage it, since rambling comes to me naturally (Hopefully, I get points for trying).

If you are a follower of JOCM or read my posts regularly, you already know I am a television series junkie (one of my many guilty pleasures). It’s no wonder 24 hours is hardly enough in a day for me *grimace*.  However, I could argue that I have overtime learnt a few things from television *ha!* and this post is going to be about one of those things.

I have been watching Grey’s anatomy for many years now (With the number of times it has made me cry, it’s a wonder why I still bother). Like most television shows that have lasted for a couple of seasons, I have become very involved with the characters and actually think of them as real-life persons (Crazy! I know).

Anyways, I had downloaded a new song and finally got around to playing it. It had a really nice tune to it, a bit upbeat. Long and short of the story is, it got me dancing and then I remembered Callie Torres (one of the characters from Grey’s anatomy) and ‘dancing in your underwear’. So into my room I went, got my portable music player and earpiece. Locked my door (of course), stripped to my underwear and started dancing. By the average standard, I am a terrible dancing, so maybe jumping would be a more appropriate term to use *hahaha* (I refuse to be embarrass). As you can imagine (or not imagine), this was much fun. I kept at it for two hours plus and played all the different kind of songs you can think of. For those two hours plus, I forgot everything (every challenge and issue). Need I say it was highly therapeutic (As my Facebook friends already know), never mind the number of calories I burned without even ‘really exercising’.

Bottom line, ‘dancing in your underwear’ is fun, therapeutic, a good form of exercise and of course, you really don’t have to bother about getting the trendy steps right because it’s a private party; just you and the music; no one is watching (hopefully).

Y’all should try it sometime.

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Hello Everyone,

I hope it’s not too late to say Happy New Year? Welcome to the year, 2014. Been away for too long but like they say, better late than never.

Hope the year is going great for everyone and we are all taking advantage of the ‘freshness’, ‘clean slate’ and ‘mystical force’ (A little pun intended) that comes with the new year, to do more, get the ball rolling and of course, appreciate life more. Personally, the year has started on a challenging (good challenging) note for me and I am daring to do and achieve more already.

My year has been really busy (Expecting it stays that way) but I am going to do my best to put out a post every now and then. So I hope y’all stick around with me here and as always, share your thoughts.

I am going to start by putting out earlier drafts that I just finished.

Wishing everyone the best year ever that comes with plenty of reasons to celebrate.

With love,


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