28 Jan

Déjà vu:  Psychology. ‘The experience of thinking that a new situation had occurred before’ – The Advanced English Dictionary

For as long as I can remember, this experience has been a part of me. I could be having a conversation with someone or in the process of doing something and have the weirdest feeling that it has happened before. Not just in bits and pieces but an entire process or conversation to the tiniest detail. The feeling of déjà vu so intense that I am certain I could not be making it up. It doesn’t happen always but frequently enough for me to take notice.

I remember when I was younger; I thought I had superpower abilities that hadn’t just been harnessed (Don’t I wish). I didn’t have the faintest idea that a word as ‘déjà vu’ existed. I told a friend about this and he introduced me to the word, déjà vu. I remember being so excited because if there was a word in the dictionary for this experience (at less, with a close enough definition), it meant (and still means) enough people experience this to make it real and it isn’t just some isolated experience without any bearing (Although unfortunately, it still doesn’t say that I/we are not crazy).

A couple of days ago, I had one of those experiences again (Can’t even remember what it was about; some insignificant episode I think). It suddenly occurred to me that although there was a word for this experience, I still have no explanation for it. How is it possible that I can experience a replica action like it has happened before, when I am in a fact, sure, it hasn’t; at less, not in my consciousness?

Any explanations???

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