28 Jan

Thought it best to start with something fun. After been criticised, I am trying to keep my posts short (500 words and under). I don’t know how I can manage it, since rambling comes to me naturally (Hopefully, I get points for trying).

If you are a follower of JOCM or read my posts regularly, you already know I am a television series junkie (one of my many guilty pleasures). It’s no wonder 24 hours is hardly enough in a day for me *grimace*.  However, I could argue that I have overtime learnt a few things from television *ha!* and this post is going to be about one of those things.

I have been watching Grey’s anatomy for many years now (With the number of times it has made me cry, it’s a wonder why I still bother). Like most television shows that have lasted for a couple of seasons, I have become very involved with the characters and actually think of them as real-life persons (Crazy! I know).

Anyways, I had downloaded a new song and finally got around to playing it. It had a really nice tune to it, a bit upbeat. Long and short of the story is, it got me dancing and then I remembered Callie Torres (one of the characters from Grey’s anatomy) and ‘dancing in your underwear’. So into my room I went, got my portable music player and earpiece. Locked my door (of course), stripped to my underwear and started dancing. By the average standard, I am a terrible dancing, so maybe jumping would be a more appropriate term to use *hahaha* (I refuse to be embarrass). As you can imagine (or not imagine), this was much fun. I kept at it for two hours plus and played all the different kind of songs you can think of. For those two hours plus, I forgot everything (every challenge and issue). Need I say it was highly therapeutic (As my Facebook friends already know), never mind the number of calories I burned without even ‘really exercising’.

Bottom line, ‘dancing in your underwear’ is fun, therapeutic, a good form of exercise and of course, you really don’t have to bother about getting the trendy steps right because it’s a private party; just you and the music; no one is watching (hopefully).

Y’all should try it sometime.

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