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Loving God, Loving Me & Loving Life

Hey y’all, Trust we all had a beautiful valentine’s day.


I know some people for reasons best known to them, have mixed feelings about celebrating Valentine’s Day (Or, down-right, do not like it). I guess it’s a bit understanding because like most things with human (societal) factors, it has been interpreted and reinterpreted so much so that its original significance has waned. As a result, it has become just another day with too much material interpretation…

Ultimately, I think the original idea of Valentine’s Day is so beautiful; a special day that is just all about Love (And I love Love). That special day (Just like thanksgiving, birthdays and Christmas), when we reflect upon the love of God in our lives and how this love has translated into other special things. It is that special day when we, as humans, are reminded that we are in fact love-beings (created and fashioned in Love) to show forth love:

 Love for God (Who has given us life)

Love for our family and friends (Who add beauty and colour to our lives)

Love for Life (Even though it comes with its challenges, it also comes with hope and helps us remember that we have a lot to be grateful for and to always keep it real)

Love for yourself (Because there is no one else like you and you are beautiful in your own way)

Love for people (That we are all first and foremost, individuals and everyone needs to be reminded every now and then that they are special, especially kids).

Love for that very special someone in your life (Because they love you enough to see beyond your vices and put up with your sometimes frustrating {otherwise known as unique} personality).


So yes, Valentine’s Day is a very special day because it is all about Love. Not to say we shouldn’t show love every other day, but just that, if you haven’t been showing or saying it enough, it is a day to make up for it.

Even though the day is past, I am still in the love zone;

Loving God for his abundant love and mercies towards me.

Loving life because it accords me the opportunity to live, hope and love.

Loving me because like I said, I am unique (beautiful and frustrating in my own way).

Finally, if you don’t like Valentine’s Day that much, I suggest you re-evaluate the idea.

And if you didn’t celebrate it, I suggest you do. Any day could be your Valentine’s Day.

I love y’all JOCM followers and readers. Thank you for being a part of my world and taking the time to read my lengthy posts.

Hugs & Kisses


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