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In the Sands of Time…

‘Conquer the Devil with a little thing called love’ – Bob Marley

Years ago someone said to me: one of the great problems of this world is the fact that people have become less concerned about their legacy. The legacy they leave when they are no longer in a place; be it, position of power or life in general.

I have always loved Bob Marley (and no, it isn’t because I am on dreads). His songs are filled with wisdom and simple sincerity that leaves something deep with you. I remember as a child listening to my father play his songs and even at such young age, Marley sounded so wise to me. I have wanted to write this post about him for a bit and finally have got around to doing just that (Thank God).bob marley.6.j10 Read the rest of this entry »


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Last week I promised to share what has become one of my favourite artiste and song of the year with y’all. True to my word, I am doing just that.


T-Kross dropped his newest single, Onyeoma today and just in case you didn’t read my earlier post (Still forgive you if you didn’t), Onyeoma is a ‘fine blend of Soul and an upbeat Rhythmical Tempo, creating a luscious tone that stays with you.’ Also importantly, it is Gospel! It appeals to my groovy taste just well and I am so in love with it.

According to the artiste, this song is borne from within him; out of his need to give glory to the one (God) who has granted him the favour to stand out  (and standing out, he is). If you ask me, I will say that this song, beyond him, will help a lot of people do just that (give God glory).

Okay, enough of my going on and on, check out the song yourself and if you don’t like it, I will be shocked (actually at your taste *hahaha*).

Before I go, here is my impersonation again; in the voices of Jennifer Lopez (JLo), ‘T-Kross, the goosies actually came out for this one, you will be around for many!’ and  Randy Jackson, ‘This is one to watch.’ 

See link to Onyeoma below. Listen, Enjoy, Leave a comment and share. Cheers!



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