A Special Day!

10 Apr

The birth of a child is almost always celebrated.

It is the beginning of  life for a new being.

Life filled with hope and possibilities;

Possibilities of what the child could be,

What it could achieve.

Today, I celebrate your birth!

     Because it was the day the world received you.

      The day you were destined to receive me.

       You always forgot it was your birthday,

       And I always enjoyed reminding you.

       Waking you up with a cake and bottle of wine;

       Never mind that it was too early to drink.

Singing happy birthday with our horrible voices.

Oh! How I miss those mornings!

So even though you are no longer here,

To wake you up and remind you it’s your birthday,

To share a piece of cake and early morning wine,

I still celebrate today!

Because the world had you for 63 years,

And I had you for 20+ years.

Happy Birthday Daddy!

You were God’s gift to me,

To your family and the world.

You were my first Love.

My true Love.

And I will always love and celebrate you.

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