23 May

“Compared to reeds in the field, trees look strong. But when the storms come, the trees can be uprooted, while the reeds move back and forth with the wind and remain grounded. They’re still standing when the storm passes.”


“When you cling to anything — your thoughts, beliefs, positions, possessions — and aren’t willing to let your heart and mind bend back and forth a bit with the ideas and actions of others, you can easily be uprooted and slammed. One email can throw you off; gossip can flatten you.”

Culled from Huff Post

I immediately loved this after reading it. I think it is a great quote on the importance of flexibility in a person’s character. That isn’t to say that you are easily swayed by whatever and have no views, opinion and beliefs of your own.

In my opinion, it is understanding that life is a constant learning process and you cannot possibly know everything. Subsequently, one has to be open to listening to other people’s views, evaluating and amending your stand if necessary. 

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You think you know it all…

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