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Lanre Olusola – Psychology Connect Service

Kirusa in Collaboration with Airtel, Nigeria, has introduced a cheap, private and effective means of talking to a professional should you be in need of someone to help you through trying times, mental or emotional breakdown, or any sort of life crisis.

Lanre Olusola is a life coach and Psychologist operating out of Nigeria. His job revolves around coaching people with life’s difficulties.

So my unsolicited advise, call in today and talk through any life issue, you may have, with him.

Here is how it works; you text LANREOLUSOLA to 2656 and get realtime voice SMS from Lanre Olusola himself Read the rest of this entry »


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It has always puzzled me why you can’t turn on the News these days, without hearing of some sort of tragedy or the other.

In truth, bad news has become the new definition of News worthy

Suicide bombs and Violence in Pakistan, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kenya, Nigeria etc

Sickening gang rape in India, with little girls hung from trees

Random and Mass Shooting in the United States

Children, who should be in school, assaulting and often killing their mates and teachers.

Girls kidnapped, from their beds at school, in the middle of the nights.

The list goes on and on…

It is almost like the world has suddenly become a psychiatric ward and too many mad people are running lose in it. Read the rest of this entry »

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Emmmmmmmm… Yes…No…Maybe.


Have you ever wondered if everything about you i.e your personality, your life, basically, a cloned version of yourself was put in another person and you were faced with the choice of marrying that person, if you would?

I have been asked that question repeatedly and my answer always changes. Today, I could say yes, of course I would want to marry someone as kind, caring, with deep appreciation for people especially family and a romantic (Yes! I am all of these and more **winks**) . I understand my emotions and mind better than anyone. It would be a winning deal.

But then, on the other hand, I recognize how dramatic, impatient, stubborn and opinionated, I can get; and of course, my answer changes to Hell No! There is no way I want to marry the dramatic, impatient, stubborn version of  me; wayyyyyy too much for me to handle. Read the rest of this entry »

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