18 Jun

It has always puzzled me why you can’t turn on the News these days, without hearing of some sort of tragedy or the other.

In truth, bad news has become the new definition of News worthy

Suicide bombs and Violence in Pakistan, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kenya, Nigeria etc

Sickening gang rape in India, with little girls hung from trees

Random and Mass Shooting in the United States

Children, who should be in school, assaulting and often killing their mates and teachers.

Girls kidnapped, from their beds at school, in the middle of the nights.

The list goes on and on…

It is almost like the world has suddenly become a psychiatric ward and too many mad people are running lose in it.

It’s multiple tragedies over and over again and it has become less of a shocking occurrence and more of an everyday fate

Man has gradually decided that natural disasters, sicknesses and accidents aren’t killing too many people fast enough and have decided to help the process along. In truth, man has become its own worst enemy.

So here is what I think; way too many people are DEPRESSED!!!! (And no, I am not trying to be funny). I, recently, read an interview given by Lanre Olusola, a renowned Nigeria life coach and psychologist. He said that ‘the world health organisation have predicted that depression would be the world’s 2nd deadliest disease and cause of disability by the year 2020, and by 2030, the world’s number one killer.’

Now, if the stats are accurate, it means that by 2030, depression would have killed more people than accidents, natural disasters, AIDS and all other diseases (At least, I think that is what it means). One can also deduce that not all depressed persons would have jumped off a bridge alone (which is a tragedy on its own) but would likely allow their depression develop into full-blown madness resulting in crazed actions such as bombing, kidnapping children/women, raping kids/women, or  mass random shooting.

Many years ago being a home-based Nigerian, I never had to worry about some things, like a bomb going off in my city. Such tragedies  only happened in distant countries or television (At least, television is a healthy outlet for craziness; create characters and exert all of blood thirsty imagination aka creativity, on them. George R. R. Martins and his supporting writers do it very well with ‘Game of the Thrones’). Unfortunately, these days, craziness has become more prevalent in Nigeria.

Then, Lanre Olusola, in same interview, did say that ‘one of the highest selling medications in Nigeria today is “Prozac”, an anti-depressant’. That just tells you how many sick people are roaming the streets.

Full disclosure: I am not saying all depressed people are likely to hurt or kill someone.

I am saying, depression can develop into craziness. So if you are depressed or unhappy, go see a psychologist or psychiatrist (Can never really tell the difference), lie on a coach, talk about your problems and work through them.

Now! What you shouldn’t do is bottle it up inside until it turns you into a monster, who thinks that because they are unhappy, the world deserves to be too.

Don’t blame others for your problems, accept responsibility and fix it!!!


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