01 Sep

So I heard somewhere that you can tell about a person’s personality from the flavour of ice cream they like. Really?

My favourite ice-cream flavour is vanilla… and then I hear the expression, boring like vanilla. Say what?

Apparently, just because I like vanilla, it translates to I am boring!

So what if I would rather just sit down at home watching television than go out?

That doesn’t mean I don’t go out once in a while and have fun while at it.

It doesn’t mean I don’t know how to have a good laugh

Or be good company

Or dance and socialize!

So what if I like my own space?

It doesn’t mean I don’t know how to exist in someone else’s space.

You see, what I don’t understand is how people aren’t too tired from all the week long work activities to indulge in TGIF at a pub or wherever.

Or why the very thought of a busy week ahead isn’t enough to make you just stay in doors on Sunday?

Well, if you ask me, that leaves only Saturdays and there is Hair, House chores, Laundry and what have not.

So where in all of these is there time for adventure, partying or hanging out?

Oh! There is the occasional vacation

But then, there just may be other financial commitments more practical than indulging in a lay on the beach in some foreign country.

I do think/dream about the holidays. Trust me I do.

Doesn’t that say enough?

What’s wrong with Vanilla anyways?

At least, it is familiar.

Okay, maybe it is plain

But it is also less artificial colouring

In other words, more clarity.

What you see is what you get.

So Vanilla is my favourite ice-cream flavour

Think you know me?

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