04 Sep

It had suddenly turned dark

The clouds had pulled together in anticipation

It looked angry, only I didn’t know who and what had offended it

It didn’t really seem to care about the whom though

As the stretch of its arms spread far across and it, only, held the authority on where to pour on

It had chosen me!

It raved and poured

It got to my bones

I was shaking all over

I could feel my tears amidst the rain

I couldn’t see or tell the difference.

It had blended so well

They said it would stop raining

‘Soon all grounds will be dried again’, they encouraged

I wondered how.

Eventually it stopped!

Not as suddenly as it started

But it stopped anyways.

There were still traces of it everywhere

And the cold still in my bones

I was still shaking

I closed my eyes and all I could see was the darkness and pain it had brought

I could see the hurt and tears

Not just in my eyes

But in the eyes of the cloud before it couldn’t hold on any more

Eventually, even the cold started to subside slowly

And the heat of love, time and fond memories took over.

Now I close my eyes and I see light and … hope

The darkness and pain tries to force its head

But the heat has built up

And flowers have blossomed

It seemed the rain will never stop

But in the end came the beauty of the flowers

Colour had filled everywhere again

God had smiled on us

The flowers are blossoming

Yes they are!

RIP Daddy!!!!

It’s been four long years

I love you always


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2 responses to “COLOUR IN THE RAIN

  1. Imonlaime

    September 12, 2014 at 11:06 pm

    Wow, what a piece!!!


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