11 Nov

Jonathan Goodluck declares his intention to run for Presidency in 2015, please do tell, where exactly is the news? We all knew he was going to run since 2010 when he took over power by chance (Or what looked like chance).

So when the city of Abuja shuts down and one is stuck in undue traffic for what isn’t exactly news, it becomes a nuisance to those who just want to get on with their lives. I accept the fact that PDP is the reigning political party and subsequently, have decided they are entitled to as much noise-making as they deem fit. I even understand that times are hard and politics is the new business venture for every Tom, Dick and Harry, who anticipates that if he follows the reigning party just long enough, he might find favour with one godfather or the other and consequently hit the Jackpot. Never mind that Tom, Dick and Harry may not even believe in the ability of the party or candidate to actually fulfil the obligations of the elected office (Now, I speak in generalisation and not about any person in particular).

Despite these facts, the streets and roads are still filled with individuals from North, South, East and West, ‘Adamawa Women Forum for Jonathan 2015’, ‘National Youth Empowerment for Jonathan’ and what have not. The roads blocked from all corners with cars and buses, parked illegally and people of different sizes, ages and gender wearing ‘wash-wash’ t-shirts and wrappers with faces boldly printed on them.

All we regular people just want to do is go to work, but we are stuck in traffic, with a failed system and government up in our face just because they can. It is ludicrous that government offices in the arena have to close for the day, so a candidate can declare his already known intention to run for office. But what is even worse, is that other regular people in the private sector have to undergo such annoying conditions to go to work, because we do not have the luxury of getting a day off.

While we may accept that it is every political party’s right to have their rally, whatever happened to holding these rallies on Saturday when people have an option of staying at home and surrendering the streets and roads to the politicians? There should be laws against such actions! But when those who should be making the laws are the very ones bending it, it becomes a nuisance to the regular people who can do nothing about it.

But then, after all said and done, this is Nigeria! We take what we are given. It has been that way since forever.

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