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“It’s easy to fictionalize an issue when you’re not aware of the many ways in which you are privileged by it.”
― Kate Bornstein, Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation

I have always thought of privilege as being born with a silver spoon (Although, in my head, a ‘gold spoon’ is a more appropriate term). In many ways, I guess that is what privilege is; an unearned advantage that should give us an edge over some others, in life.

It is amazing how easy it is to see what we term as disadvantages in our lives. ‘Oh! I wasn’t born with a trust fund’ (Personally, wish I was), ‘I was born in the wrong part of town or even the world’, ‘I was born with buck teeth’ (Just had to say this one *hahahaha*, sorry, not funny), ‘I wasn’t born pretty enough’ and so on. Read the rest of this entry »

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Whether or not you watched the VMAs, as long as you are connected to social media in one way or the other, you likely have heard about the Vanguard award acceptance speech by the famous, or should I say infamous, Kanye West. Like most things done by this audacious man, his declaration to run for the office of the American President in 2020 created such a buzz that even t-shirts are being made out of it. Personally, I thought it, a humorous end to his speech and whether or not he really means to run, we would just have to wait to find out. I must confess, I didn’t watch the VMAs but like most people I have been drawn to this trendy topic (It’s the miracle power of social media). Read the rest of this entry »

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