23 Sep

“It’s easy to fictionalize an issue when you’re not aware of the many ways in which you are privileged by it.”
― Kate Bornstein, Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation

I have always thought of privilege as being born with a silver spoon (Although, in my head, a ‘gold spoon’ is a more appropriate term). In many ways, I guess that is what privilege is; an unearned advantage that should give us an edge over some others, in life.

It is amazing how easy it is to see what we term as disadvantages in our lives. ‘Oh! I wasn’t born with a trust fund’ (Personally, wish I was), ‘I was born in the wrong part of town or even the world’, ‘I was born with buck teeth’ (Just had to say this one *hahahaha*, sorry, not funny), ‘I wasn’t born pretty enough’ and so on. Somehow, it seems like the stars aligned against us on the day we were born, giving us the worst conditions, while some others got all the luck. We are so busy focusing on our disadvantages that we fail to see our own privileges.

You were born with all our physical faculties intact, that’s privilege! You were born in a time and part of the world where you can love God and have a right of education regardless of gender, that’s privilege! Being born in a time where you have the freedom of speech to express your opinion is privilege (I so can identify with this one). You were born to parents and family that loved and provided for you through your childhood and even beyond, that’s privilege! A while back, I saw a little girl, not more than 6 or 7, holding her blind father (I assume he was her father) on the streets, begging for arms. She is already an adult before her childhood should be over. The fact remains that for every unearned disadvantage we think we were unfortunate to be born with; there is an unearned advantage we got in the mix as well.

Being alive is the biggest privilege of all. It is without doubt the opportunity we have to turn the stars around, work harder than those who seemingly have it better, and create better conditions for the generation that comes after us; this too, is a privilege!

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