01 Oct

Black keeps trying until it makes it or drops… It never gives up!

Identities clash all the time because life is so full of them. One person can be a hundred different things and balancing all of them isn’t a walk in the park. Another problem with social identity is that it creates stereotypes. Most times, people make assumptions about who you are, your lack or presence of abilities because you fall into some social category. One of my earliest post titled, mother of complexity talks about this.

However, in the words of Chimamanda Adichie, the problem with stereotypes isn’t that they are {always} untrue but that they tell a single story. Over the years, I believe that a single story has been told about what it means to be BLACK. Black has been synonymous with underprivileged and primitiveness and if it happens to be African Black, the list gets longer; Poverty, Dying children, AIDS etc. I find it interesting how the children in advertorials about poverty are always black. I make no illusion that there aren’t many black people who suffer from these disadvantages but I am also very aware that it isn’t our ‘single story’. Our true story lies in what we are made of and that is; MADE OF BLACK!

The Guinness ‘Made of Black’ campaign tells a story of what it really means to Black. ‘Black is not just a colour’, it is an ‘attitude’! Black says to the world that where they see underprivileged, we see a depth that appreciates little things. Where they see poverty, we see a land fertile for creativity and growth. Where they see primitiveness, we see a land and people rich in culture and naturalness.

Black is persistent; it never gives up! If there is a way, black will find it and if there is none, it will create it. Black is bold! It isn’t afraid to step in and take over, even though that means failing a couple of times. Black has lent itself to all nations and works of life across the world. It has redefined Music, Politics, Sport, Television, Literature and Art, and has fought for global peace and equality.

So while we may not want to create another stereotype, we most certainly want to share an understanding of what it means to be Made of Black!

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