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It was the last flight of the day and because it was pretty late, I did a mental debate on whether or not to check in my bag. It was a small bag and I could easily carry it as a hand luggage, except that I had all these items(body cream, spray and perfume) that security gives you grief for taking on board. In western airports (At least, the ones I have been to), all you had to do was keep them within a specified quantity and put them in a sealed bag. But in Nigeria, no matter how small it is or how it’s packed, once it comes under the radar of the security personnels, they always give you ‘wahala’ for it. Generally, I have never really understood the rationale of this rule. Somehow, it is okay to carry 10 perfumes, body sprays and what have not, if you bought them at duty free but same items are prohibited, unless within a specific quantity, when you bring them into the airport with you?

Anyway, I contemplated checking my bag in just to avoid the drama at security but then, there was the issue of it already being a late flight which was going to be further delayed. I didn’t want to spend extra time waiting for my bag to come through after disembarking, especially since I had already arranged for an airport pickup which was likely to be waiting before we landed. Finally, I decided to take the risk and carry my bag as a hand luggage, after all, my friend had told me she always did that and never had an issue at security, despite having a lot of x-ed items. Maybe I was going to get lucky, otherwise, if my bag got pointed out, I would try sweet-talking myself through, I thought to myself.

So I checked in, carried my bag, popped it through the security scanner and went over to the other side to await the verdict. There were about 6 or 7 other people getting through security at same time so I was really expectant that I would escape the slaughter (A bit dramatic but this girl really hates to lose her toiletries). Long story short, I wasn’t so lucky and my bag got pointed out. ‘There’s something like a spray in your bag, open it, please’, the man at security said to me. Read the rest of this entry »

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