Another reason why you are 30ish and Single Still…

17 Oct

It is interesting how much information you can find on the internet about being 30ish and single, more about the woman than the man (**Pouting**, the world is so sexist) Oh well, I guess men don’t have to worry about their biological clock and their ovaries drying up (So does that mean that God is sexist?).

Anyway, I recently read an article online that provided another opinion as to why some woman over 30 are still single and since I fall under this category, of course my interest was piqued.

According to the article, at 30ish, you are more likely to have grown into yourself, which means, you have become more self-assured and have stronger opinions. You know who you are, what you want and certainly, what you don’t want or like. You are also less susceptible to bull***t, maybe even ‘too picky’. Basically, you have become wiser and wait for it… This could be a reason why you are still single!

Just in case you didn’t read me right the first time, you are still single because you are wiser! *hehehehehe*

In my opinion, if there is a truth to this, it means that there are more men out there who want to be married to robots than an actual person. I have always believed that two people in a relationship shouldn’t always have the same opinion, otherwise, it gets boring. If I am going to agree with everything the man I am with says, then, there really is no need for my own head in the first instance, we could just as well sell mine and use his.

Furthermore, if this is really true, doesn’t the same logic present a problem? What happens when you get married without first finding your own voice? In my opinion, there are three outcomes (actually, four): One; you eventually find your own voice and see it is in sync with the man you married (Boy! are you d*** lucky). Two: you find your voice, see its not in sync with your partner’s and get divorced (Okay, extreme but I happens every now and then). Three: you don’t get divorced but remain in a soulless and loveless marriage because of the kids or any other reason you can come up with (This is very common, you have to agree). Four: You never find yourself because you have spent too much time being cluttered with the opinions of others that you repeat everything they believe without your own filtration (Oh well, you really don’t have a problem because you are unaware there is a problem in the first place).

But seriously, what do I know, seeing as I have never been married before and my longest relationship has been with Grey’s anatomy. So, please, share your opinions, does this logic of ‘Older and Wiser an hindrance to marriage’, fall under true, relatively true or downright bull? You decide…

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One response to “Another reason why you are 30ish and Single Still…

  1. austin

    October 17, 2015 at 4:51 pm

    I believe that before two people get married they should make clear their thoughts about all aspect of family hood. A woman suffering in a marriage married for the wrong reasons. Nice piece toukpe!!!


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