30ish and Single (Still) – Zodiac Explanations for your sign

13 Dec

Zodiac signs have always interested me. You must agree that the very idea that someone who has never met you can predict stuff about you, based on how the stars aligned when you were born, makes for a rather interesting read. It totally dismisses genetics and nurture, but embraces some other mystical factor I don’t fully comprehend. And, of course, because the human self is always looking for an external explanation for why we act the way we do or predictions on how our lives are going to turn out, we read all these Zodiac Predictions and explanations, and some people actually believe it. Really interesting stuff!

Whether or not I believe it, I am not sure. I do, however, believe that my behavior and future is really more complicated than how the stars aligned when I was born. But I must confess, I can scarily identify with some things that have been said about my ‘zodiac sign’ – ‘LEO’.

Sometime back, I was going through my social media page just like most of us do, updating myself on what’s going on in other people’s lives (Isn’t Facebook great? You can actually stay updated without being in touch. So to all my friends out there, I still care even if I haven’t called in a while. Facebook has already told me you are well and good **hehehehe**) Anyways, I ran into an interesting read on ‘why the signs are still single’ (See below). I laughed hard and long after reading it, because it had a humorous tone to it (Of course, I immediately screen-grabbed it). I don’t know about anyone else, I am going to be honest and say, wow! Although, I wouldn’t phrase it exactly like that, it was brutally some-what correct. I think the correct phrasing would be ‘looking for someone who will love me, even when I am not being particularly likable ’ (Hard, I know. But then, that’s why I am 30ish and single (still) **hehehehe**.


What can I say, I am a romantic! That may be hard for some of my newer friends to believe, because life and experiences does have a way of straightening you out, until you likely end up a cynic. However, my older friends know that nothing makes me more emotional than a good and true love story. So what’s wrong in wanting a love story where I am the starring character? Not asking for a fairy tale, just a true love story that is a tini tiny reflection of God’s love for me **covers eyes**. But on a serious note, I still haven’t found a reason to settle for less.

So for those who are still single and believe in Zodiac signs, have a look at what yours say and see if it applies. If you don’t believe in Zodiac sign, have a look anyway, it just may apply or at the very least, make you laugh.

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One response to “30ish and Single (Still) – Zodiac Explanations for your sign

  1. Imonlaime Austin

    December 13, 2015 at 11:35 am

    although I don’t believe in zodiac signs, it always has tiny drops of truth in it and it baffles me. Wonderful piece Tuokpe, I look forward to reading more from you.


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