Hurray! 2016 is here

01 Jan

Happy New Year folks!

‘I pray that we stay positive, daring and thankful throughout the year, no matter the challenge’.

The beautiful thing about new years is that people have generally come to accept them as new beginnings. The moment the clock strikes at 12am, it feels like the slate of the old year has been wiped clean; all your achievements or/and failures of the previous year are a thing of the past and we all get a do-over. Most people (myself included) make new goals, plans, expectations and resolutions but way too often before the first quarter of the year is over, we get carried away again with routine and somehow those elaborate plans we made, fade off with the excitement of the new year. The year has become old, so the fire we started with has waned off.

However, I hope the year 2016 is different for us all in a positive way. So here’s my prayer for everyone, again, myself included:

I pray that we run through the year with same fire we started with.

I pray that we understand that the minutes make up the hours, the hours make up the day, the days makes up the months and of course, the months make up the year; consequently, we utilize every minute in the achievement of our plans.

I pray that we take every roadblock as a challenge and fight to push through it.

I pray that we stay positive, daring and thankful throughout the year, no matter the challenge.

I pray that we understand that a little love to a stranger can make a whole world of difference, so we learn to love more.

I pray that as we pursue our goals, we remember to smile and savour every moment because the moments make up the memories of our lives.

I pray that we find time to tell those in our lives how important they are to us and how much we love them.

Lastly, I pray that at the end of 2016, we all would celebrate the end as much as the beginning because we achieved our goals, plans and resolutions with great pride and joy.

Happy New Year once again folks! Enjoy 2016 and be amazing!

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