30ish and Single (Still): Ladies, It’s a Leap Year

02 Jan

Leap years are exceptional (Just ask those born on February 29th).  Personally, I think it signifies completeness because it is the year that balances the unevenness of the earth’s rotation around the sun and the calendar. Although, many would say it is just a later date to the February paycheck.

If you have seen the movie LEAP YEAR, then you probably have some idea about the old Irish Leap Year tradition, where women were permitted for that one day (February 29th) in every four years, to propose to the man of their dreams.

Although, this law doesn’t apply anymore, like Irish St. Bridget ,who originally proposed the idea, I believe that it is totally unfair that women who are in a relationship and are ready to get married should have to wait to be proposed to. So, why not adopt some of the old Irish tradition, if you are bold enough? Heaven knows that  most of the male species, if left alone, would be totally comfortable with the idea of ‘keeping things simple’, that is to say, save marriage as the last possible option and ‘play the field’  forever.

So here is some free unsolicited advice ladies: if you are in a relationship and waiting for your man to pop the question, I say, be the bold modern feminist, break the tradition (Or is it adopt the leap year tradition) and nudge him along. You don’t have to go down on one knee and do all the unnecessary drama (Unless, you are bold enough to take that deep a plunge); just a simple, ‘it’s a leap day, so I guess I am entitled to say this; let’s get married already’.

Now, don’t go proposing to total strangers (My hand is not in that one o!), people would just brand you crazy (rightfully so). If that were possible, I would have long since, tracked down John Dumelo (My next best thing to Boris Kodjoe, who is sadly already taken) and popped the question *hehehehe*. But on a serious note ladies, I say take charge and effect what you want already. Once February 29th is gone, it’s another 4years before an opportunity to break the usual tradition comes again, but on a second thought, who cares about tradition when you can live life on your own terms.

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