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06 Jun

Hello everyone.

I have been writing a special category on this space for a while now, titled – 30ish and Single (Still). This category has now been moved to a new blog of its own with web address


Too often, when you get to a certain age, eyes are turned on you, wondering why you are still single. Consciously and unconsciously, the pressure is mounted to find someone (maybe even anyone) to tie the knots with and change your marital status which of course is just crazy. 

I happen to fall under the category, 30ish and Single (Still), which is one reason why I am passionate about the topic. However, this new space isn’t meant for only me; it is created as an open platform for anyone and everyone who falls under this category and is open and willing to share their thoughts and experiences.

Full disclosure: I have nothing against marriage. In fact, I very much want to be married and have my own babies but I do not believe that somehow, my life should be defined by what my marital status says or that the level of respect accorded to me should be controlled by the title Miss/Mrs.

Way too many people have fallen victims of this pressure and are now single again, whether physically or mentally (I am not saying that societal pressure is the only reason for broken homes, I am, however, saying that it is without question a major contributing factor).

Enough said on this platform. To read more on why 30ish and Single (Still), you can read the creator/editor’s note and our first post titled: Looking to get hitched? Apply here

Thank you for being a part of this new journey and please feel free to share with others.


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2 responses to “New Blog Alert

  1. NaijaBrit88

    June 6, 2016 at 3:43 pm

    I’ve got a few years yet but this definitely still applies. Will be reading.

    • Tene_T

      June 6, 2016 at 7:28 pm

      Thats great to know NaijaBrit88, thank you.Thank your stars that you still have some years before the 30s and don’t have to deal with the societal and family pressure to ‘settle down’. Hopefully, you find love on time and never get to experience the irritation of such pressure. Thanks again for the comment


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