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I finally decided it was time to write something about myself, even though my posts are ricked with information about me already.

 I am Nigerian and have lived in Nigeria all my life except for 4 years spent in the United Kingdom, in the beautiful city of Aberdeen.

I started this blog in 2013, after I relocated back to Nigeria from the United Kingdom


Me, feeling cool (Just in case, you care to know what I look like)

  Writing is one of my hobbies and although I do not classify myself as a writer, I love putting my ideas down on paper and express myself better when I write. This blog was born out of the desire to write my ideas, experiences and opinions down and if you already read my blog, you will know that I do have opinions about life, culture, love, relationships, politics (not so much), race, gender and so on. Nevertheless, I like to think of myself as a flexible person; meaning, I respect and even welcome the views of others. I will listen and re-assess my own views (grudgingly) and maybe, even adjust my opinion if I am convinced (So healthy debates are always welcome here).

My family and friends are the centre of my world. (This is not a perfunctory statement). I believe that the world needs more love and kindness. My naive view says that if we concentrate more on our  commonalities and less on our differences, the world would have less violence and consequently, more growth.


My loveliest Nephews & Niece (Left to Right: Mola, Nina and Dami). I have more and soon I will share a picture of all

What more can I say? Emmmm… I am a girl, single, I am predominantly an introvert, I believe in God and love kids (Translation: No matter my mood, I ooh and aww over every cute baby picture). I love reading and watching television series (Anything from Greys anatomy, Arrow, Flash, The Good Wife to Scandal, Covert Affairs and Homeland etc). I also love to laugh, cry, listen to sad songs, Reggae and Rock etc. I guess, you can simply say, I am boring and a little weird.

People I don’t personally know but love – Chimamanda Adichie (love her mind), Boris Kodjoe (Because he is too fine), Alicia Keyes and John Legend (Because they can sing and play the piano. If I could, I would make them my slaves and have them play for me every waking morning **Hahahahaha*). Tuface Idibia ( Although he has been in the industry forever, he is still very relevant, true to his music and successful. But most importantly, cuts across as very humble and I love his songs), Omawumi Megbele and Asa (Favourite Nigerian Female Vocalists). I will stop this list here.

People I don’t personally know but hate – Beyonce (Because she is beautiful, rich, powerful and the ‘queen’), Nicole Ari Parker and Chrissy Teigen (Because they stole my men and I hate them for being so fine as well!). Kim Kardashian (Because she has that body and adorable daughter**They will look better on me**). I will stop this list here as well.

Things I hope to do in this life – Travel the world, Skydive (Prayerfully, not from a crashing plane), Meet Chimamanda Adichie, Attend a John Legend’s private concert, Spend a luxurious weekend in Burj Al Arab (What can I say, I am vain too), Meet and marry the Love of my life, Have babies, Have a Non-profit organisation that strictly supports under-privileged children. There is more on the list, but I will stop here too

So, this is me! Welcome to my space. Please feel free to click the follower button, leave a comment or like a post.

If you have want to be a guest blogger, I will openly welcome you as long as your posts are reasonably respectful (‘Reasonably’ because there are people who will get offended even if you paid them a compliment), and are considered your own opinion.

If you need to contact me, you can mail me at or

       Tuokpe Tene – Creator & Scribbler
Journal of a Complex Mind

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  1. naijabrit88

    June 18, 2013 at 4:34 pm

    Thank you for posting on my blog. 🙂


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