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Another reason why you are 30ish and Single Still…

It is interesting how much information you can find on the internet about being 30ish and single, more about the woman than the man (**Pouting**, the world is so sexist) Oh well, I guess men don’t have to worry about their biological clock and their ovaries drying up (So does that mean that God is sexist?).

Anyway, I recently read an article online that provided another opinion as to why some woman over 30 are still single and since I fall under this category, of course my interest was piqued.

According to the article, at 30ish, you are more likely to have grown into yourself, which means, you have become more self-assured and have stronger opinions. You know who you are, what you want and certainly, what you don’t want or like. You are also less susceptible to bull***t, maybe even ‘too picky’. Basically, you have become wiser and wait for it… This could be a reason why you are still single! Read the rest of this entry »

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‘It’s pretty simple, pretty obvious: that people’s first impressions of people are really a big mistake.’ – Vincent D’Onofrio

We can’t help but have impressions about people when we first meet them. Sometimes, these impressions are even formed before the person speaks. However, I think most first impressions are likely to be wrong, mainly because what it is really; is  trying to sum up a rather complex being in the first few minutes of meeting them. Never mind that our first impressions are really just our assumptions based on stereotypical views of some category we think they fall into.

Unfortunately, a lot of decisions, both formal and informal, are motivated by first impressions, hence, we are constantly being defined by characters we do not possess. I only wish that when forming impressions about people, we could all accept that we are likely wrong and give room to actually get to know people before declaring them one way or the other.

On a lighter note, here are some few first impressions people have had about me:

Some people hear the tone of my talking voice and assume I have a good singing voice; try again, my singing voice sounds like a frog croaking endlessly (Just joking, it isn’t that bad).

 Some people assume I am an enthusiastic TGIFier, I am; but only because I am a couch potato (More like a bed hugger) who ENJOYS sleeping through the weekend (Which isn’t what they think).

Some people see my hair and assume I am an artist of some sort. No, am not, I just love dreads and choose to wear my hair this way, never mind that it is easy to carry and no, I do not get tired of it.

Some people assume I am snob, I, most definitely, am not. I just take my time warming up to people and new places. Plus I am an observer.

Most people assume I can’t see the picture of a chubby and cute baby without AWWing, You are right, I most definitely cannot. **wink wink**

Have a great day y’all

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So I heard somewhere that you can tell about a person’s personality from the flavour of ice cream they like. Really?

My favourite ice-cream flavour is vanilla… and then I hear the expression, boring like vanilla. Say what?

Apparently, just because I like vanilla, it translates to I am boring!

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