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There is no doubt that ‘Half of a Yellow Sun’ is one of the most meaningful narratives that has come out of Nigeria, maybe Africa so far. In my opinion, it lines up with the iconic books of ‘Things Fall Apart’, ‘Lion and the Jewel’ and other great narratives written by great writers. It is excellently written such that it commands different emotions in almost everyone who reads it. Personally, I laughed, cried, got both excited and sad, even days after it was finished. I marketed it to as many people as possible, convincing them to read it too. Simply put, it both entertained and educated me.

By now, you already know, I loved the book (Let me spell it out, just in case you didn’t cue in, in the first paragraph). So you can only imagine my excitement when I heard a film was going to be made out of it. I couldn’t wait! I followed every step and news, waiting for it to be released. I was rather irritated when its release was stalled in Nigeria, and excited when it was finally showing. Long story, short, I finally watched it and my first comment; it should never have been done!

The film; Half of a Yellow Sun was disappointing!!!!! I felt (still feel) like an excellent book has been defiled. First things first, the acting and production was really good and if you haven’t read the book, you probably will be impressed. But if you have read the book and it impacted you like it did me, you would be left, disappointed. Way too much was lost! Just way too much!!! Read the rest of this entry »

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