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Birthday Bash…

‘Oga! We had an agreement’, she stated gently, carefully removing his hand from her thighs.

‘Oooo! Why are you behaving like this na’, he countered, obviously, hoping to somehow convince his hand further up her thighs.

She was determined to go out!

It was her birthday and this time it was a happy birthday. The last two years had been a bit sad, a little indifferent but this year, Ruby had chosen to be happy.

With all the ‘happy birthday’ that came from close friends, there was also the demand that she went out to celebrate.

‘Ruby, you never do anything fun, you really should go out today’.

Why not? She asked herself, there was nothing like cuddling up in bed with a glass of wine and a television series at the end of the day but what better excuse to go out than a birthday celebration. However, the decision to go out wasn’t without its challenges. The first and major one being that she needed a wing person. Experience had taught her that as a woman, Read the rest of this entry »

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Thought it best to start with something fun. After been criticised, I am trying to keep my posts short (500 words and under). I don’t know how I can manage it, since rambling comes to me naturally (Hopefully, I get points for trying).

If you are a follower of JOCM or read my posts regularly, you already know I am a television series junkie (one of my many guilty pleasures). It’s no wonder 24 hours is hardly enough in a day for me *grimace*.  However, I could argue that I have overtime learnt a few things from television *ha!* and this post is going to be about one of those things.

I have been watching Grey’s anatomy for many years now (With the number of times it has made me cry, it’s a wonder why I still bother). Like most television shows that have lasted for a couple of seasons, I have become very involved with the characters and actually think of them as real-life persons (Crazy! I know).

Anyways, I had downloaded a new song and finally got around to playing it. It had a really nice tune to it, a bit upbeat. Long and short of the story is, it got me dancing and then I remembered Callie Torres (one of the characters from Grey’s anatomy) and ‘dancing in your underwear’. So into my room I went, got my portable music player and earpiece. Locked my door (of course), stripped to my underwear and started dancing. By the average standard, I am a terrible dancing, so maybe jumping would be a more appropriate term to use *hahaha* (I refuse to be embarrass). As you can imagine (or not imagine), this was much fun. I kept at it for two hours plus and played all the different kind of songs you can think of. For those two hours plus, I forgot everything (every challenge and issue). Need I say it was highly therapeutic (As my Facebook friends already know), never mind the number of calories I burned without even ‘really exercising’.

Bottom line, ‘dancing in your underwear’ is fun, therapeutic, a good form of exercise and of course, you really don’t have to bother about getting the trendy steps right because it’s a private party; just you and the music; no one is watching (hopefully).

Y’all should try it sometime.

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