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I was playing a game on my phone a couple of days ago. I made some wrong moves and as a result, got stuck (Never claimed to be a genius). Beautifully, the game gave me an opportunity to restart it and need I say, I got to the finish line. However, this got me thinking about how beautiful the world would be if like my game, we could get a do-over on anything we wanted.

I am one of those naturally impulsive indivduals (I don’t mean that in a good way, even though it has its advantages). As a child, I remember  on many occasions, crossing the road without looking and it wasn’t because I didn’t know to look both ways (Either, I saw myself as invincible or just felt like putting the fate theory to test). Consequence of that was getting hit by a car ( literally); luckily, it wasn’t too serious. Suffice to say, that was an exercise I gave up on and personally learnt a life lesson I intend to enforce with my children – ‘Always look both ways before crossing’ (hahahaha).

I remember many years later, reading something that said that one of the signs of  adulthood is being able to handle the effects (good or bad) of one’s choices. Over the years, I have tried to adapt this into my thinking and how I handle issues, especially the ones resulting from the choices I make (Little wonder why the saying didn’t just emphasize that being an adult is making right decisions, in the first place; it sure would have come in handy). So yes, over the years I’ve had course to remember this saying, especially when I am dealing with the consequences of a bad choice (Which I shamelessly admit are many). Even though I have imbibed this saying and totally own my life errors (Mostly, because it emphasizes the fallible nature of the human self); I can’t but still dream how wonderful it would be if I could erase some of these experiences and choices, and have a complete do-over; off the top of my head and within two minute, I can count ten things I would like a repeat on. Not necessary all bad things but in retrospect, less than perfect choices.

I am almost certain I don’t stand alone in this thought , I am sure even Mother Teresa (in her life time) could do with it. I guess what I am trying to say is that one doesn’t have to be as  impulsive as I am and it doesn’t necessarily have to be big decisions; maybe just tiny decisions like having sent that not-so-nice text in the heat of the anger or being so nasty to that person who mistakenly stepped on you and ruined your shoes. Bottom line, most times we cannot tell what the effects of a choice would be before-hand, thus, there are certainly some things we could do with a do-over, having now seen the effects, which are less than okay or the consequences, which are greater than anticipated.

On the other hand, I have been repeatedly told (Not sure by whom, maybe myself **winks**), Perfection is boring. The ability to make mistakes, pick yourself up, learn and move on, makes life interesting, educative and fun.

Personally,  the upside of mistakes is that it puts life in perspective; reminding me that I am created in a human form and most definitely, need God to excel at this thing called Life. So to end this post, I am going to quote a couple of lines from a prayer I wrote a while back. Click here ‘Prayer of the Soul’ if you want to see the full version. Have a great week Y’all.

‘ God I pray for the wisdom …

To realise that I am created in human form

And as such come with weakness

To let your strength be perfected in my weakness

To remember that I cannot see what my future holds

And as such let you help me live my present based on your knowledge of my future’.


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