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So like most people on the planet, I too have followed the Kim Kardashian saga to a reliable extent.

In the days following Kim K’s picture on Paper Magazine, the world has become judge and jury on Kim Kardashian’s life; her role as a wife, mother, celebrity and even a human being.

Everyone has something to say and in the very process, doing what Kim K had hoped to achieve – Breaking the Internet with her name! If Kim cannot be applauded for anything, she should be applauded for being a shrewd businesswoman; she will do whatever it takes to get people talking and mount up her cash (Plenty of it), after all, it is said there isn’t such a thing as bad publicity and she does know how to work it, so we all just keep talking.

Nevertheless, Kim K’s business skills isn’t my focus for this post. It has always amazed me how the world can be so da** hypocritical (If I am honest, I, too, am sometimes). We have ideals that we hold other people to, which would be just fine (Well, not really), but the big problem is that we do not hold everyone accountable to these ideals. It’s amazing the way our mind decides whether we like people or not (Most often, irrationally) and many a time, our judgements of people’s actions are motivated by how we feel about them. The same folks who have been so quick to throw the daggers at Kim K for her nudity are same very folks who make excuses for others. It is okay when artistes show up half naked (Without leaving much to our imagination) for a concert or whatever. Because they are Beyoncé, Nikki Minaj and many other famous artistes we like, it becomes okay. ‘Oh! She is performing!’ ‘Oh! She isn’t exactly naked’, ‘Oh! She is just an icon, exceptional, fabulous’ and all the other adjectives. The excuses to exempt one person from our not so perfect ideals just start rolling it. It is so da** hypocritical! Since we all have our ideals, why not hold everyone to the same standard?

Make no mistake, I do not applaud Kim K’s picture but on the other hand, I do not not applaud it. It is basically none of my business!!! Whether or not, she decides to display herself wearing nothing but her birthday suit is only the business of Kim K, Kanye, and her family. If it bothers you a lot, close the page like you may or may not do with other inappropriate pictures on the internet! The fact remains, same people who have criticized Kim K are probably same people buying the magazines and searching the net to get a glimpse (In secret I may add). Nudity prevails and sells because people buy! So if everyone is criticizing, who exactly is buying?

Another fact (Sad as it may be), the media these days is filled with nudity, obscenities of one sort or the other. We don’t pick what to criticize and what not to! Half naked women and men sell more than fully clothed ones. It is the reality of the modern day television and the world in general.

So if Kim K decides she is more than ready to join the race, her business (with BUSINESS emphasized). People shouldn’t sit in the comfort of their homes and act as judge and jury, after first looking their fill, then go on to criticize ‘Her hustle’, her motherhood abilities and all. Judge your own motherhood skills and whether or not your children will make it (That is plenty of work if you ask me).

If you worry that she is becoming a bad role-model for your kids, censor the television and train your kids the way they should go

Bottom line! Live your own life and stop being so da** hypocritical and if you want to play judge and jury, watch fictional television shows like … Telemundo; plenty of people to judge there.

Now that is said, I can move on to something which is really my business.


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