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You ever wondered what you would change about your life if you had the chance? I have.

The fact of life is that no matter how beautiful you are in the eyes of others, we all still see imperfections here and there when we look in the mirror; whether it is in our physical attributes, personality/character or our life in general. We pick holes here and there because we believe we need things we don’t have. ‘I wish my nose wasn’t so big’, ‘I was taller’, ‘I was prettier or slimmer’, ‘I was  more patient’, ‘more extroverted’, or ‘I had that job, house or car’ and so on and so forth. No matter how much we have, the list is always endless. 

Focussing on the things we are not and don’t have, seems to be the generic attribute of the human self.  I remember what a friend said to me a long time ago, she said, ‘if you take your problems to the market place, a lot of people will leave theirs and buy yours’. For every problem you think is important just now, trust me, there are a thousand worse places you could be in. No question, it can always be better, but it can also be worse. So instead of concentrating on the bad, be thankful for the good and strive to attain the better.

In the realistic face of death, all the things which may seem so important now, becomes trivial. So if you believe there isn’t anything to be grateful for (even though that is highly unlikely), be grateful for life for with it comes today and tomorrow which is still full of promise.

Remember this, imperfection is perfection! It is just about how you choose to carry it. Today, I choose to carry mine with a smile and a grateful heart, you should too. 

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Emmmmmmmm… Yes…No…Maybe.


Have you ever wondered if everything about you i.e your personality, your life, basically, a cloned version of yourself was put in another person and you were faced with the choice of marrying that person, if you would?

I have been asked that question repeatedly and my answer always changes. Today, I could say yes, of course I would want to marry someone as kind, caring, with deep appreciation for people especially family and a romantic (Yes! I am all of these and more **winks**) . I understand my emotions and mind better than anyone. It would be a winning deal.

But then, on the other hand, I recognize how dramatic, impatient, stubborn and opinionated, I can get; and of course, my answer changes to Hell No! There is no way I want to marry the dramatic, impatient, stubborn version of  me; wayyyyyy too much for me to handle. Read the rest of this entry »

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