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SURVIVAL – A Short Story

“Life is but a tale of choices and effects”

loHis body had washed up along the shores in Elegushi. Eyewitnesses commented on how badly decomposed he was; saying they couldn’t look at the body for too long, but somehow still managed to get some photos in the hope of selling it to entertainment bloggers for quick cash. Her Michael was dead and some people thought it a means to make money. Lola really couldn’t complain as it was those reports that had helped her and his family finally find him after being missing for 2 weeks, 5 days and some hours.

She had been holed up in her room where she spent most of her time since Michael’s disappearance, when Tutu, his younger sister had frantically ran into her room alerting the family about the body on the shores of Elegushi. Read the rest of this entry »

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Birthday Bash…

‘Oga! We had an agreement’, she stated gently, carefully removing his hand from her thighs.

‘Oooo! Why are you behaving like this na’, he countered, obviously, hoping to somehow convince his hand further up her thighs.

She was determined to go out!

It was her birthday and this time it was a happy birthday. The last two years had been a bit sad, a little indifferent but this year, Ruby had chosen to be happy.

With all the ‘happy birthday’ that came from close friends, there was also the demand that she went out to celebrate.

‘Ruby, you never do anything fun, you really should go out today’.

Why not? She asked herself, there was nothing like cuddling up in bed with a glass of wine and a television series at the end of the day but what better excuse to go out than a birthday celebration. However, the decision to go out wasn’t without its challenges. The first and major one being that she needed a wing person. Experience had taught her that as a woman, Read the rest of this entry »

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A Glimpse of Hope…

There were people everywhere; definitely in the thousands.

She had thought because it was a role-specific aptitude test, the crowd would be far less.

But there were still people everywhere.

The sun was blazing hot. As she alighted from the taxi, she moved towards the shade of a big tree. It seemed a lot of people had the same idea as small groups were formed under the few trees in the vicinity.

‘Buy past questions’, a man from under the tree said. He had his eyes turned towards her but his voice was raised high enough to get the attention of everyone. His car was parked there and past questions, pens, pencils and other writing materials were spread out on the hood. He was sweating profusely and perspiration had flooded the armpits of his shirt, however, he didn’t seem to mind  much as he tried to convince people to buy something from this merchandise.

How much is it? She asked.

‘Two hundred naira’, he said. She dug out the money from the pocket of her jeans and handed it over to him. Buying it seemed like the sensible thing to do, considering she hadn’t really read much and almost everyone else under the tree seemed to be holding a copy and some even discussing its content.

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